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Lowest Price or Best Value – which is your goal?

Back in the day, our parents used to say “What you pay for is exactly what you get” – and when investing in new windows that statement couldn’t be any more true.

What is the difference between price and value when you are receiving an estimate for a home improvement? Let us help you understand what you should know when choosing the right contractor for your home improvement.

Stay away from “unbelievable” or “too good to be true” deals.

Assuming you are getting a great deal to pay $99 per window may sound good at first, but there are reasons why they are so cheap – mostly because they are not of top-notch quality. These windows are clear glass with 0 low e argon gas to keep the home temperature correct.

Your window is only as good as the install is.

With cheap windows comes bad installation, so if you purchase a great product and it’s not put in the right way – you’ll have issues and finding yourself replacing the same windows unfortunately too soon…..again. At Pure Energy, we believe you should only replace your windows once.

The local, large “Mega Home Store” can give service headaches……

Have you ever called customer service for a product or service and found yourself on the receiving end of a 20-minute hold? And then when you finally talk to someone they give you the runaround they make their best “guess” on what you should try only to get in a worse situation before you called. Or being transferred to multiple people in different departments trying to find the right person who might be able to help you? How did that feel?

You may have wanted to do one of the following, if not all:

*Spin kick a hole in your wall
*Uneasy feeling in your stomach before and after the call
*Wondering why you took this route for your home improvement in the first place

This is the result when you purchase from a “mega” store, it’s impossible to talk with the correct person while communicating with representatives who are at the bottom of the totem pole.

Here is the takeaway:

At Pure Energy, we have a team of customer support specialists who connects with you shortly after your purchase, after the final measure, and before install. You will be assigned a designated customer support specialist to your home improvement install – yes it’s true!

We also pride ourselves in support with yearly follow up calls and always keeping you updated with important information about our products and services. Not only do we offer an excellent warranty, but we also give you peace of mind and save you time.

Your home improvement shouldn’t be uncomfortable or feel like a bad investment, those “bottom of the barrel, lowest price product” companies won’t be there to help when the first problem arises (which it will) – while the highest priced companies gouge you simply because of their name and that’s not good either.

Pure Energy Window is not the cheapest window, nor are we the most expensive – but we are the best at what we do. We have proven this over and over with the hundreds of positive online reviews on Google, Facebook, Better Business Bureau, etc etc etc – we offer quality products and service that is 2nd to none!

Considering a free quote to replace your windows, doors, or install attic insulation?

Give us a call at 1-800-NEW-WINDOWS today send us a text at 1-248-491-7472!

Pure Energy’s Window Deal

Windows keep the heat in!
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