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Is Attic Insulation Worth the Investment?

Is Attic Insulation Worth the Investment?Like many people, you most likely don’t spend too much time in your attic. While it may not be an area that you frequently use, your attic is extremely important to your home, as it plays a major role in its energy efficiency. One of the most basic pieces of common knowledge is that heat rises, so if your attic isn’t properly insulated, the heat you spend so much money to produce and warm your home can escape right out of your roof. This reason alone is enough to prove that attic insulation is absolutely worth the investment—but which one is the best for trapping heat inside your home providing you with the biggest return on investment?

Different Types of Insulation

You may not be aware of it, but there are several different types of insulation available for you to fill your attic. The most common type, and probably the one you currently have in your attic, is blanket or batt insulation. As the name suggests, this is the kind that comes rolled up in big batts and looks like rectangular sheets of cotton candy when rolled out. Despite its easy recognition, this insulation isn’t great at blocking heat from entering or escaping your home.

Another type of insulation that has grown in popularity is blown-in fiberglass. Again, this option is properly named as it is fed into a machine, centrifugally spun and broken up, and then blown through a hose. This method allows the installer to evenly coat an attic in a thick coat of insulation.

R Value

Now that we’ve covered the insulation basics, let’s discuss the R values of these options. This refers to the material’s ability to resist the transfer of heat. The higher R value, the better. While the exact numbers depend on the size and thickness, blown-in insulation tends to have a higher R value than blanket insulation. Plus, blown-in fiberglass maintains its R value longer over time, therefore contributing to continuous energy efficiency.


Speaking of long-lasting, you’ll know your attic insulation is worth the investment when it stands the test of time. Once again, blown-in insulation checks off that box. While other methods may break down over time or get exposed to moisture and start failing, blown-in insulation will never settle and is also water-resistant. Since this insulation is manufactured to last so long, you won’t have to spend money replacing it.

As you’ve probably figured out, blown-in fiberglass proves to be a type of insulation that is worth the investment. So, if you’re ready to have it installed in your own attic, you can call on Pure Energy to make it happen. We proudly install these impressive insulation for all of the reasons previously mentioned: It covers energy inch of your attic, traps heat, and never settles. We confidently install our blown-in fiberglass insulation for local Michigan homeowners, and would be happy to do the same for you next.

Reach out to Pure Energy to schedule an initial consultation. One of our dedicated and knowledgeable representatives will come to your home to inspect your current attic situation and further discuss the benefits of our blown-in insulation—including why it’s definitely worth the investment. Contact us today.

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