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Energy Efficient House Windows & More for Your Home in the Farmington Hills Area of Michigan

House Windows Farmington Hills MIIf you live in the Farmington Hills area of Michigan and find yourself in need of new house windows, then you have come to the right place! Pure Energy Window is a window replacement specialist that proudly offers some of the most energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing house windows available. Investing in our windows can lead directly to lower home energy bills, improved curb appeal, and a more comfortable indoor living environment in general.

Windows from Pure Energy Window feature the following:

  • Triple glazing – Our windows feature not two but three panes of glass that function as incredibly effective insulators. The two interior cavities created by the three panes can be filled with a special gas to help reduce air convection and help insulate your home in Farmington Hills even further.
  • Low-E glass – The panes of glass we use are given specialized coatings to help them reflect both infrared and ultraviolet light. These Low-E coatings can help protect your furniture and carpeting, as well as minimize heat transfer.
  • Stainless steel spacers – A spacer is an important window component that keeps the panes the correct distance apart. We utilize only the highest quality spacers made of stainless streel – a material that is structurally sound and highly durable.
  • High-performance frames – Each of our windows boasts a low-maintenance frame made of virgin vinyl. For enhanced energy efficiency, all house windows from Pure Energy Window are filled with a polyurethane foam that is effective at minimizing both heat loss and heat gain.

Pure Energy Window is a full-service window installer serving the community of Farmington Hills along with many other locations throughout the southeast region of Michigan. Our goal? To help our customers conserve energy, save money, and beautify their homes – all at the same time! In addition to using highly skilled in-house installers, we proudly back our house windows with one of the strongest window guarantees you are likely to encounter. It is a 50-year guarantee that covers any manufacturing defects, problematic parts, and even glass seal failure. You can thus rest assured that the windows you buy from us will likely be the last you ever need to own!

To schedule a complimentary in-home consultation, be it in Farmington Hills or elsewhere in southeastern Michigan, contact Pure Energy Window today. We sincerely look forward to serving all your window replacement needs.

Pure Energy’s Window Deal

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