Is Attic Insulation Worth the Investment?

Like many people, you most likely don’t spend too much time in your attic. While it may not be an area that you frequently use, your attic is extremely important to your home, as it plays a major role in its energy efficiency. One of the most basic pieces of common knowledge is that heat rises, so if your attic

What Is the Best Type of Insulation For an Attic?

As a homeowner, one of your biggest monthly expenses probably goes towards heating and cooling your house. Since you pay a pretty penny to have your home at a comfortable and livable temperature, it only makes sense to have your attic properly insulated so that effort and money isn’t being wasted. This leads you to ask though: what is the

Should I Get A Thermal Inspection On My Home?

When it comes to understanding how well your home is insulated there exists no better tool than a comprehensive thermal image. Like an x-ray of your body, a thermal image provides an immediate understanding of your home’s internal insulation value. Whether you live in the dry 100° temperatures of Arizona or the frozen tundra of Michigan, insulation is a key