ProCat Insulation for Your Home

If your home needs more insulation, Pure Energy offers the best solution for your home’s fiberglass insulation needs. We are one of Southeastern Michigan’s Premier Owens Corning® Preferred Contractors. If you are looking for top-notch insulation that will last and save you money on your energy bill, choose ProCat Insulation.

As an Owens Corning® ProCat Preferred contractor, Pure Energy has demonstrated a superior understanding of both product knowledge—ProCat fiberglass insulation—and the best installation procedures used in the industry today. Our insulation technicians work directly for our company and have been certified through the Owens Corning® Top of the House Certification Program™.

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Why Should You Insulate Your Home with ProCat Insulation?

No single home improvement project provides more benefits than increasing the insulation in your home!

procat insulationBenefits of fiberglass insulation:

  • Significantly lower your heating and cooling bills
  • Increase the overall comfort of your home
  • Extend the life of your furnace and air conditioner
  • Eliminate premature roof failure
  • Reduce and prevent roof ice dams
  • Prevent condensation and high moisture in your attic
  • Tax deductions and energy credits
  • Support earth-sustainable practices

Why Should I Hire Pure Energy for My Home’s Insulation Installation?

Every year Pure Energy helps hundreds of Michigan homeowners just like you better insulate their homes. From High Performance Triple Pane windows to Owens Corning® ProCat™ Professional Insulation, Pure Energy is fully equipped to properly insulate your home.

Unlike our competitors who install basic fiberglass attic insulation from local big box distributors, Pure Energy has chosen to only offer our customers Owens Corning’s® newest professional grade fiberglass insulation, ProCat™.

Advantages of ProCat insulation over cellulose or traditional fiberglass insulation:

  • New proprietary ProCat™ advanced formula
  • Higher insulating performance
  • Better ice damage protection
  • Reduced wind wash so it stays in place
  • Very low dust and static draw
  • Class A fire rating
  • Mold and mildew resistant

ProCat Insulation vs. Traditional Insulation

In 1954 Owens Corning® invented a process to make centrifugally-spun fiberglass wool, which became the standard process for producing fiberglass insulation. Since then Owens Corning has spent billions of dollars developing industry leading insulation techniques through ProCat insulation.

ProCat Insulation Cellulose Insulation
Less than 2% settling Up to 25% settling
Maintains Lifetime R-Value Loses 15–25% of R-Value
Naturally Non-Combustible Made from Combustible Materials
Non-Absorbent and Installed Dry Naturally Absorbent and Applied with Water

While many options exist when it comes to insulating your home, ProCat insulation is the best choice when it comes to all-around performance and durability. Click below to learn more about why ProCat insulation is better than cellulose when it comes to insulating your home.

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