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Entry Doors South Lyon MI

Entry Doors Available to Spruce Up Your South Lyon, Michigan, House or Condo

Entry Doors South Lyon, MIThe front door of your home makes a statement – it’s the first thing guests see when they come to your house – but it also has an impact on energy efficiency. If your front door isn’t properly insulated, or made from a poor material, it could be allowing unnecessary heat transfer between your home and the outdoors. Luckily, Pure Energy Window Company provides eye-catching, energy-efficient entry doors that minimize heat transfer and help you maintain a comfortable temperature in your South Lyon, Michigan, home.

Our entry door options include:


Steel is an excellent material for your front door because of its strength, ensuring you feel safe in your home. These doors are constructed from 22-gauge steel featuring a tightly bonded alloy coating for superior resistance against corrosion. Our steel doors also boast a composite double bore lock block and high-density polyurethane foam core insulation for optimum energy efficiency.


For a strong yet lightweight option, fiberglass is the way to go. These doors are constructed out of high compression molded fiberglass that is highly resistant to everyday wear and tear. Two fiberglass reinforced skins are joined with full-length composite top and bottom rails along with full-length composite hinge and strike stiles.


Pure Energy’s ELITEgrain hybrid entryway provides the warm look of natural wood without any of the drawbacks. These doors offer superior energy efficiency thanks to their high-density polyurethane core.

All of these sturdy options are available in an array of gorgeous colors and wood finishes, so you’ll be able to perfectly complement your home’s appearance, or create a dramatic new look.

To have one of these exceptional entry doors installed at your house or condo, contact Pure Energy Window Company today. We install windows and doors for homeowners in South Lyon and nearby Michigan cities.

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