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Deciding Between Steel & Fiberglass Entry Doors

Deciding Between Steel & Fiberglass Entry Doors

If you’re updating your home’s front door, you’ve probably stumbled upon a plethora of different options in terms of material, style, configuration, and more. Typically, your starting point is to decide on the material and work on other design options from there. Of all the outstanding choices, you’ve narrowed them down to two final options: steel and fiberglass, but you need some assistance deciding on the right one for your home.

With today’s door technology, you’ll be on the right path if you choose either steel or fiberglass for your new entry door. This is because both can be designed to be:

Long Lasting & Durable

Both of these materials are ultra durable, so you can feel at ease that your new door will keep your home protected and withstand years of exposure to the outdoor elements. Compared to other types of doors like wood, fiberglass and steel doors won’t dent, split, crack, or warp.

Energy Efficient

The most energy-efficient doors are ones that have a sturdy, thick center as opposed to a hollow, empty one. Alone, steel or fiberglass doors are okay at blocking heat from entering or escaping your home, but filled with a polyurethane foam, they’re sure to improve energy efficiency.

Strikingly Beautiful

The reason why wooden doors were once so popular is that they offered a warm, timeless look. You don’t have to sacrifice this by picking a steel or fiberglass door, because they are frequently crafted with an embossed finish to mimic that same wooden texture. Of course, you can also forgo this component and choose a more modern look.

Do these entry doors sound too good to be true? They’re not, and they can be found at Pure Energy Window Company. We proudly install steel and fiberglass entry doors from industry leader ProVia®, and we would be happy to help you choose the right material as well as the design components. Contact us today to get started!

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