How To Evaluate A Home Improvement Contractor: Part 3 Installation

This week, in the 3rd installment on how to evaluate a home improvement contractor, we will take a look at a critical piece of the puzzle, the Installation. I have always said, just because you have the right tools to do a job doesn’t mean you are qualified to do it. Before you hire a contractor to do your next

How Do You Evaluate A Home Improvement Contractor? Part 2 Product

This past week, as another humid Michigan Summer draws to a close, we began an in-depth look into a dilemma facing many homeowners every Spring. Whether you are adding an addition to your home or just repairing some leaky gutters, you will be faced with the daunting task of evaluating potential home improvement contractors. Make the wrong choice and you

How Do You Evaluate A Home Improvement Contractor? Part 1 Company

Over the past decade I have helped thousands of Michigan homeowners just like you turn their dreams in reality. Whether you are looking to convert your basement into a luxurious man cave or just replace your old windows, you will be faced with a very difficult decision…Who do you hire? When it comes to hiring a home improvement contractor, there


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We are so happy with our new Pure Energy windows. Pure Energy did a great job from start to finish. Pure Energy is...

I replaced all 14 windows in my condo and I made the right choice! Hiring Pure Energy was the right decision. I am...

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