Want to Conserve Energy & Save Money? Then Have New Attic Insulation Installed

Attic Insulation Rochester MIIs the attic insulation in your Rochester area home not effective at keeping your energy bills low? Over time, blown-in attic insulation will eventually settle and lose its ability to inhibit the migration of heat energy either into or out of the house. Settling is when all those tiny pockets of air that make insulation work gradually become smaller and smaller and eventually disappear. Though it does retain some insulating properties, badly settled attic insulation should be replaced, or at the very least, supplemented with additional insulation blown on top. An HVAC specialist or other home improvement professional should be able to assess the current state of your insulation and recommend steps you can take to improve its effectiveness.

ProCat® Loosefill Insulation System

At Pure Energy, we help Rochester-area homeowners reduce the size of their energy bills through the installation of the ProCat® Loosefill Insulation System. This high-performance brand of blown-in attic insulation has been developed by building-science experts at industry leader Owens Corning. It features an advanced low-dust formula that is guaranteed to maintain its insulating power for the lifetime of your home. As it will not absorb moisture, the ProCat® Loosefill Insulation System will not become a nutrient source for mold or fungus, nor will it harbor food for pests like ants, termites, silverfish, or cockroaches.

Here are some others reason why Pure Energy uses this particular form and brand of attic insulation:

  • The ProCat® Loosefill Insulation System is Class A fire rated and meets all applicable building code requirements.
  • It is 100 percent free of formaldehyde, a substance harmful to humans.
  • It is GREENGUARD Gold Certified, making it acceptable for residential, commercial, and institutional applications where there may be sensitive individuals such as children, the elderly, or the ill.

The ProCat® Loosefill Insulation System is available strictly from authorized installers like us. Contact Pure Energy for more information. We will be pleased to help you determine how much you and your home can benefit from new attic insulation. In Rochester, Michigan, we also install replacement windows, sliding glass doors, and more.