Blown-In Attic Insulation Available to Brighton, MI, Homeowners

Attic Insulation Brighton MIAre your monthly utility bills skyrocketing while you battle with your thermostat? Does it seem almost impossible to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your home? The culprit could be your attic insulation. If it’s failing or poorly installed, then heat could be escaping through your insulation, making your HVAC system work that much harder to heat and cool your home. For an energy-efficient upgrade, turn to Pure Energy. We’re a trusted home improvement company serving Brighton, Michigan, homeowners, and we can expertly install our blown-in attic insulation at your home.

We’re proud to offer the AttiCat® Blown-In Insulation system from acclaimed manufacturer Owens Corning. Unlike traditional batt insulation that is rolled out in sheets, this blown-in system is broken up and sprayed out of a hose, covering every inch of your attic. As a result, you can expect superb benefits such as:

  • No mess – Because the insulation expands entirely inside a machine, it’s mess-free and, therefore, no cleanup is necessary.
  • Energy efficiency – Millions of tiny air pockets are created when the insulation is spun, which then trap heat and prevent it from escaping or entering your home. Plus, our insulation covers hard-to-reach places of your attic, eliminating any gaps and ensuring maximum thermal performance.
  • Safety – Not only is this insulation non-combustible, but it also prevents the growth of any harmful mold or mildew.

One-Day Installation

Perhaps the greatest benefit of this insulation system is the quick installation process. In fact, our team of expert technicians can insulate your entire attic in only one day, allowing you to start enjoying improved energy efficiency in almost no time at all.

Update your attic with our blown-in insulation; contact Pure Energy today to get started. We’re happy to schedule a complimentary consultation at your Brighton-area home.